Yorktown, NY becomes 4th Westchester Municipality to Pass Puppy Mill Ban Law

At the August 2, 2016 Public Hearing, the Town of Yorktown became the fourth municipality in New York State to ban the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats.
The law that the board unanimously passed allows for the sale of dogs and cats that were “… obtained from a natural person who possesses litters of no more than 10 dogs or 10 cats in a calendar year from a dog or cat which is either licensed to or resides with such natural person; an animal shelter or a humane society located in New York State, or a nonprofit rescue and humane organization registered with the new York State Department of Agriculture.”
The Yorktown law differs from that of Mamaroneck, Mt. Pleasant, and Harrison as it adds the language allowing for dogs and cats to be obtained from small home breeders. Supporters of the law stated their concern about this language being a loop-hole and recommended it be omitted.  The board decided to see how the law does and leave it as is for now.
Here’s the Law:
In the Media:
– Yorktown News: Tap Into
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