Working Towards Humane Laws That Protect the Voiceless

Our organization is dedicated to helping pass local laws that protect animals.

Global change can start at the local level, but it requires at least one person that’s willing to get up and speak to their local elected officials about making change in their community.

CLAAW is made up of concerned U.S. citizens dedicated to helping people who want to stand up for animals through legislative channels in their own communities. We can provide research and logistical support for people seeking to request that their local governments pass laws that help protect against animal abuse and/or neglect, or helps to improve the lives of animals in some way.

Together we can make the world a more humane place to live for everybody.

See our blog for updates on newly passed legislation.

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A note about our logo:

Since our organization is founded on the principle that we can use our knowledge to help others see how to move forward on animal issues through legislative channels,  we started with the Adrinka symbol for wisdom and prudence. We thought it was a friendly-looking symbol that conveyed a solid message.

While observing the bottom of the designer’s dog’s paws as he lay sleeping on the floor, she saw the way the Adrinka symbol could be shaped to mimic the shape of her dog’s paw pads. However, since the mission of CLAAW is to help pass laws that protect all animals, she wanted the logo to be so much more than the visual cliché of paw prints.

The base of the logo harkens to a support or bridge that unites all animals, human and non-human. The “feet” of the base can be compared to any number of creatures.

So, our logo conveys a message of knowledge, strength and wisdom in support of all animal life.