Mamaroneck, NY passes first puppy mill ban law in Westchester County

On February 22, 2016, Mamaroneck became the first municipality in New York State to pass legislation banning the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats. Mayor Norman Rosenblum and Attorney, Susan Lask, along with many residents and supporters, voiced the importance of legislation to help protect animals from deplorable breeding practices in commercial breeding facilities (otherwise known as Puppy or Cat Mills). Supporters of this law made the case that it not only protects the animals, but also protects consumers as Puppy/Cat Mill animals often have physical and/or emotional issues that might be unknown to the purchaser.

Four out of five of the Mamaroneck Trustees voted in favor of the law. Trustee Leon Potok abstained.

The law allows for the sale of dog and cats that were obtained only from “…an animal shelter or a humane society located in the County of Westchester, or a nonprofit rescue and humane organization registered with the New York State Department of Agriculture.”

Here’s the Law:

In the Media:
News12 Westchester
Journal News

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